We are convinced that robotic product sorting is better than sorting by hand. Regardless of whether you are in the business of onions, potatoes, avocados, apples or tomatoes, it can be difficult to select and motivate employees to pick the right products manually. That’s why we developed the Master Picker®, the next generation of sorting machines driven by artificial intelligence. With the ability to run 24/7, at a very high speed and with constant quality, your effectiveness will increase at lower cost. The Master Picker is sustainable, easy to use and maintain and only needs a small floorspace. Read all about it.

Smart investment

The Master Picker will increase the results of your company with it’s 24/7 availability at a very high sorting speed with lower costs and less human resources. It will be hard to find a better return on investment in time and money.

Smart technology

Our founder QEF is a leading company in innovative food camera inspection and highspeed sorting. With the use of artificial intelligence, a unique database with all product specifications and hightech robotic arms, the Masterpicker ensures that the right products are always selected.

Smart process

You want to ensure the right quality level and deliver on the promises you made to your clients; The Master Picker will be your partner in the picking process: fast, precise and 100% reliable. Improve your process to a level beyond what the human eye can provide.

Smart handling

Our founder Famateq built the Master Picker with only 3 buttons! You don’t need to hire engineers and after a short instruction, anyone can operate the machine. Maintenance is also effortless and Famateq is always on standby to help you.

Smart sustainability

If you want to increase the sustainability of your company, the Master Picker is a smart investment. The machine is sustainably produced and transported and with lower energy and human resource requirements, your carbon footprint will be lower too.

Smart to fit in

We can imagine that you don’t want to rebuild your complete sorting centre to install a new sorting machine. That’s why we made the Master Picker as compact as possible. You only need 6,5 meters to build in the machine on your floor. Smart, isn’t it?


We - Famateq and QEF - are the proud founders of the Master Picker. At Famateq we design, realise and maintain industrial machinery and “Power your industry!” is our promise. At QEF we are an expert in combining machine learning with camera inspection and together with Famateq we developed the innovative Master Picker. Since 2020 we joined forces in the Machine Innovation Company.


Are you interested in what the Master Picker can do for your company? We will be happy to arrange a live demonstration especially for you.

Or take a look at the Master Picker at our launching customer, Wiskerke Onions in Kruiningen The Netherlands.